Advanced Medical Research Institute of Canada (AMRIC)

The Affiliated Research Institute
of Health Sciences North


The Advanced Medical Research Institute of Canada (AMRIC) is the affiliated translational research institute of Health Sciences North. Headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario, AMRIC sets a new stage in Canada for cutting edge research that explores the unknown and challenges conventional approaches. With a targeted approach to disease prevention and treatment, AMRIC aims to improve health care outcomes in Northern communities and across Canada.

Ways to Give

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AMRIC is generously supported by

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How are research programs delivered?

  • Research

    Located on the Health Sciences North campus, our research programs are organized to address the disease targets of Northern populations.

  • Prospecting

    AMRIC has established a presence in the heart of Toronto's medical research community to prospect for promising novel scientific ideas.

  • Translation

    The foundation for translational research at AMRIC is based upon a collaborative research approach that seeks to move ideas from bench to bedside.

  • Dissemination

    The various advances in knowledge and practice generated by AMRIC are disseminated by our experts through publications, outreach, clinical and commercial application.